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In my books I offer professionals and students tips, in order to help them evaluate circumstances in the workplace and address them in the best possible way.

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Practical Management
Management and Leadership
Change, A choice to determine success

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My Friend’s recommendations

“I have collaborated with Stavros for approximately two years. Our cooperation has been sound. He is a Manager who promotes the initiative and diversity. He has been direct and effective. I am grateful for his contribution to my personal improvement and I am looking forward to cooperating with him again in the near future.”

Sofia Bogiatzi

Medical Generics Specialist, Mylan

“I have collaborated with Stavros for a number of years at Cloud Management Systems. Throughout the time I have known Stavros, he has shown himself to be insightful; very intuitive and in-tune with what customers want / need and he has been a constant source of inspiration and support. I have no hesitation in recommending Stavros for any senior position where customer intelligence; innovation and exceptional leadership skills are required, as Stavros has all this and more in abundance.”

Colin Millar

Chief Executive Officer, SPAEN

“Stavros is one of the most outstanding managers have had the pleasure to work for. He is people oriented person and well respected by his staff. He is both mentor an leader with ability to inspire his staff and achieving higher goals.”

Petros Vourtsis

Marketing Director, Specifar

“It is an honour to provide this recommendation for Dr.Stavros Baroutas. I had the pleasure of having him as my supervisor in my dissertation of my MBA degree at the University of Derby,UK. His assistance has been invaluable and has helped him focus in more depth and understanding in Leadership and Management which I never would have been able to do so on my own. Not only do I admire his wealth of knowledge but also his ability to convey and impart that knowledge to myself. He is one of the best lecturers that I have ever had and he is truly an amazing mentor!”

Anna Chintza

English Language Teacher, MBA, ESOL Teacher Sydney

“It has been a pleasure to meet and work with Stavros through CMI’s panel of Subject Matter Experts of which he is a valued member. Stavros has shown commitment and dedication in contributing to the updating and revision of our Management Checklists and in coming to London to participate in group meetings. He has written several books on practical management, covering skills such as managing change, conflict and ethics and has contributed to the work of recent CMI initiatives. He attended one of our 21st Century Leaders workshops looking at the business school curriculum and has submitted evidence to the Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership organised by the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management.”

Mary Wood

ESOL Teacher, Open Hands

Change Your Life

Contact me or download the Stavros Baroutas Android Application and let Stavros show you a different way to achieve your skills with motivation, leadership, coaching from a different perspective.

This will be communicated to you in various ways, through every day videos. With this programme you will achieve and overcome your goals but most of all you will accomplish to have a different perspective towards life. This programme is also available with podcasts feed on iTunes.