It was just another ordinary Saturday evening, after a very tiring week. Suddenly I felt dizzy and weak. After a while I found myself entering the entrance of a hospital. I looked around me and saw people who were seriously injured, police, people who had been arrested for reasons which I wasn’t aware of but that had to be examined, worried citizens asking for directions about where to go. Confusion, visions, tears of anxiety towards our loved ones. Awareness that things can change from one moment to another. While I was observing what was happening around me I realized that my turn had come. I was suffering, but I tried to stay calm, keep my morals high and reveal the power within me to hide my pain. I wondered, how important it is to find the emotion and strength within to stay calm. Hoping that whatever happens will happen in the best way. These are those moments where your thoughts must become reality. The crucial point is to realize how much you can handle. After all we are only humans, YES! However it is our decision to leave that crucial moment behind us which we have to face! It is easy to live your life, as fast as a bullet which covers its distance in a fraction of a second. Stop and think, be aware, face, improve.

Prepare yourself!

You never know when you will have to face that crucial moment in your life. Life isn’t always the way we plan it.

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