Common good

What exactly is “the common good”, and why has it come to have such a critical place in current discussions on our society?

Leadership message

Creating a leadership message is about establishing your point of view. It is the perspective that you bring in the organisation. Your leadership message depends largely on your leadership style and conveys what you stand for. It is important to note, however, that a...

Community’s future

While planning for your community’s future, it is essential to take a look at its past in order to identify any patterns and habits. These may need to be taken into account during your planning processes. Keep in mind that the community belongs to all of its members,...

Tip #4

Depending on given circumstances, you can befriend opponents. Do not forget though: you will always be ‘poles apart’.

Critical support

Learning is not just about transforming an organisation but it is rather a continuous transformation; that of the mind. In organisations that foster learning, leaders and managers invest on training employees and creating systems that encourage learning, in other...

Tip #3

People management is all about managing emotions and morale and using them to attain targets.

Organizational Learning

A ‘learning organisation’ is one that invests in learning and transforming itself constantly. Organisations whose people are able to learn faster than their competitors have a significant competitive advantage. Continuous learning enables an organisation to create...

Tip #2

The moment you begin to understand your own feelings, you are actually developing emotional intelligence and can use it for better communication. Until then, it’s just a theory.

Unethical behavior

Many leaders today act in rather unethical ways in order to accomplish their goals. The New Jerseyrule (“It’s not unethical until you get caught”) seems to be a popular view when it comes to assessing whether a behaviour is ethical or not.

Effective communication

It is a common belief that leadership scholars, consultants, trainers and coaches work on the principle that to develop leaders is to develop a valuable human resource. However,  the  fact  that  the  overwhelming  majority  of  experts  only think of “good” ...