Organizational Learning

A ‘learning organisation’ is one that invests in learning and transforming itself constantly. Organisations whose people are able to learn faster than their competitors have a significant competitive advantage. Continuous learning enables an organisation to create...

Tip #2

The moment you begin to understand your own feelings, you are actually developing emotional intelligence and can use it for better communication. Until then, it’s just a theory.

Unethical behavior

Many leaders today act in rather unethical ways in order to accomplish their goals. The New Jerseyrule (“It’s not unethical until you get caught”) seems to be a popular view when it comes to assessing whether a behaviour is ethical or not.

Effective communication

It is a common belief that leadership scholars, consultants, trainers and coaches work on the principle that to develop leaders is to develop a valuable human resource. However,  the  fact  that  the  overwhelming  majority  of  experts  only think of “good” ...