Tip #8

Effective teams and powerful, positive organisational cultures do not happen by accident. Creating a great company means more than developing great services – it also means paying attention to the emotional reality of the organisation and deliberately creating a great...

Tip #7

Even the most inspiring values are not easy to sustain over time, when everyone is under a lot of pressure and the business is growing by leaps and bounds. So, keep trying!

CMI’s Library

If you are a Member of Chartered Management Institute or if you are a Chartered Manager, you can borrow my books from Chartered Management Institute’s library. Just follow this link http://www.managers.org.uk/member-publications

Creativity & Communication

Creativity is the capacity to visualise numerous abstract concepts which enables individuals to discover new ideas and ways of rendering their schemes more effective. It is the driving force to change and learn how to create genuine relationships with other people....

Personal Development II

Personal development is twofold. The first level is the technocratic or social, in which individuals attempt to ascend the hierarchy ladder or—in case they do not manage or are not allowed to do so—they merely work in order to survive. The second level is the personal...