Sometimes we are focusing too much on processes and we are missing the actual point, which is “people”. Leaders must not compromise employees’ interest for the sake of profit. Give them Hope and Vision. Keep them engaged

Elasticity of Behaviour

Elasticity of behaviour regards the nature of individuals’ respond to different people and circumstances. It may sound simple, but think of how many of us exhibit recurrent patterns of behaviour when it comes to particular people and situations. How easy would it be...

Shape Culture

In order to be able to shape the culture of an organisation, the leader has to determine the expectations. If what is mainly required is knowledge, leaders should opt for ambitious candidates with a variety of qualifications in their CVs. If the emphasis is placed on...

Tip #16

Sometimes individuals ask themselves the wrong kind of questions, such as “why did this have to happen to me?” Think about how much better it would be if they wondered about their possible choices instead?

A big problem

A big problem is nothing but a series of smaller concerns. It is easier to examine each of the concerns separately rather than trying to address the whole problem all at once. Once we get to perceive problems as opportunities for improvement, things start to change....