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Fighter and Family Man.

Long story short

Inspired to learn more about management and leadership, after my BA, MBA and PhD studies in Business in institutions across the UK and the US, I was inspired to learn more about management and leadership. I started working in retail and pharmaceutical companies as a sales executive, and eventually became a national manager in a multinational company based in Northern Greece.

I always seek to apply my theoretical knowledge about management and leadership in my day-to-day duties and I motivate professionals to do the same in my latest book, «Practical Management», which can be found on the shelves of libraries in some of the most prestigious Universities worldwide.

Stavros Baroutas
Stavros Baroutas
Stavros Baroutas

I am a Chartered Manager (CMgr) and a member of Subject Matters Expert Group of the Chartered Management Institute, couple of years ago became a Certified Innermetrix Consultant for Greece and recently certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach from John Mattone the worlds top executive coach.

I spend my spare time coaching professionals in executive programmes and MBAs, and holding consulting and vocational training seminars.

About Innermetrix

My goal is to help businesses identify, understand and improve the overall health and profitability of their organization.

Innermetrix focuses on business consulting tools and professional coaching and training of consultants and coaches to better their practice.

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