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My books contain change, leadership, management and personal development issues. All need to be changed. The leader needs to change first for himself to become a better and efficient person/executive and secondly for his followers. Management needs change to make a business profitable and remain in the future. Change was and is before us and after us. We must decide if we want to remain active or if we decide to live in the margins.

I try to combine the academic knowledge with my professional experience with the daily problems faced by a worker in a company. All these in difficult competitive conditions and in a difficult economic and social environment, the environment of Greece in Crisis. This does not mean that many of those cite in my books do not occur or do not exist in other countries, in other environments. Instead, there happening. That is why in my latest book “Practical Management” (in Greek language “Τα Μυστικά για Αποτελεσματικό Μάνατζμεντ”) report after an incident or advice, an example of which was somewhere in the world. Accordingly, the collection of these data reflects my very own path in life and my experience out of the different companies I have served in. Difficult problems, difficult situations, leadership characteristics in action. Motivations, desires, strengths, weaknesses, bad or great behaviors, combining theory into practice.

Apart from business, management is essential to our lives, leadership capacities and personal development we need if we want to improve ourselves, to overcome difficult problems, if we want to survive, in our personal or professional lives. These are the reasons why I believe that the management and leadership is very important, skills and knowledge for all of us. That’s why “Leadership and Management Matters” in every person and every situation. My books are written in Greek language and translated into English. Available in all the bookstores in Greece and, Barnes & Nobles, Smashwords, eBay and more.

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