Change: A choice to determine success

In an ever-changing environment, where uncertainty perches in people’s minds, it seems exceedingly hard—not to mention impossible—to figure the route to exit from crisis. The changes individuals undergo have become so radical that even a few remaining optimistic voices have been smothered by a general pessimism and depression; indeed, not without a good cause. Convergence tactics are currently being applied for a sustainable financial policy, which nevertheless inflict employees’ rights and dignity, as well as the financial state of households and the quality of individuals’ lives. Terms like ‘flexibility’, ‘wage renegotiation’, ‘unemployment’, ‘shortcomings’ and ‘uncertainty’ are now a part of individuals’ daily routine and a burden on their mind. Nevertheless, hope is out there somewhere. The same holds for individuals who will be able to discover it and communicate it to the rest of the people. It is possible to withstand the terms applied by given policies, if only individuals believe in such a cause; in other words, if they change certain views and attitudes, along with circumstances which were so far considered to be the norm. Change is a key term, then. It is as misunderstood a term as an attractive one as well, inspiring people, being adopted by leaders and communicated to the rest of the people in order to improve their daily living. It is exactly this notion of change that this book attempts to discuss. Such is, by no means, an easy task; on the contrary, the issue of change requires numerous volumes in order to be adequately analysed. Nevertheless, an attempt is made to examine the phenomenon of change, not so much in scientific terms—although there is a certain degree of scientific analysis—but rather in the framework of business and the private sector. The book conveys some of the author’s views, presenting ideas about change and offering instances, in order to facilitate readers who have not studied the issue extensively to grasp the positive influence of change, in terms of both social and professional life.