Communication is vital, especially when it comes to the most challenging of all tasks: training organisations to adapt to change and learn ways of working more effectively. Decker Communications Inc. conducted an informal survey at gathering meeting of more than 400 chief executives. It was estimated that they could solve problems because they are the main instigators to begin with. 59% of the participants in the survey estimated that the problems were located in two basic areas: miscommunication and lack of persuasion. Miscommunication: Here, barriers are generally intellectual. People do not understand, or they are distracted and disinterested. Sometimes this is because they do not like or don’t respect the speaker.

Lack of persuasion: These barriers are usually behavioural. A leader’s message is unsuccessful when it lacks the intensity, clarity, and confidence needed to persuade the crowd.

Communication is also affected when the leader refuses to accept criticism. Sometimes CEOs request feedback, but upon receiving it, they either reject it, or even worse, they tamper with the results, setting in motion a chain reaction of irreparable and unjust actions. They seek to prove that they are superior and are worried about revealing their own inadequacies and doubts. Bosses tend to get distracted by their authority and fail to see that they actually depend upon the employees. They do not feel that the employees’ perspective is to be considered. Fixated on their own agenda, they bark out orders and neglect to listen to employees (Psychology for Leaders, Dean & Mary Tjosvold). Many bosses feel they must demonstrate that they are right, always in charge, and always in control. They come across as egocentric and arrogant and reinforce employee powerlessness. Employees are reluctant to express their opinions and get involved in solving problems for fear of being second-guessed and told they are wrong. Leaders must work systematically to overcome barriers, develop cooperative leader relationships, and use power effectively

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