Corporate Virus: According to my point of view this term refers to leaders. They are the ones who are  placed in a company by their superiors for various reasons and they slowly dissolve the company’s existence in the same way as a Virus penetrates an organism. On one hand they think that they know  the market very well and its object, and on the other hand they don’t listen to their advisors. This attitude results in the transformation of something that worked to something that could have worked better according to their point of view but doesn’t do so after all.
There is also the opposite case of Corporate “V” Leadership. The business antidote (Vaccine), a Leader who restructures an organization, reforms it, purges it, makes the necessary supplementations and changes that benefits the organization in a way that it’s more profitable and immune to ”Virus” leaders who threaten its own existence.
Most of the time this term refers to inability of Business Leaders
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