You never know when the time will come for a challenge. This is why you should always be well prepared for unpredictable situations.
In other circumstances you should adjust your plans according to the present situation
Avoid being influenced by the people around you and focus on what you set out to do . Your aim is to fulfill your dream. That should be your only consent.
As the former WBO Michael Bentt, heavyweight champion, once said in his article  ANATOMY OF A KNOCKOUT you should ”prepare yourself mentally for the very real possibility that you may be hurt and how to overcome that possibility”.
When everything around him collapsed, he actually started a new career, a new life. 
Αfter that article, Βentt changed his life, making him a successful actor and coach of many famous Hollywood actors. 
That’s why, most of the times it seems that one defeat may lead to your victory.
Don’t give up! Never Give Up!
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