Do not merely wait for the right moment since the moment is unlikely to be perfect until your own actions render it such. Action is the breathing of one’s soul. Every breath we take matters.

Key points to be taken under consideration are the following:

-Engage in activities that you feel passionate about.

-Remember that inspiration takes time.

-Conventionality rapidly comes to place and stifles innovation. Whenever you suggest an innovative idea, you should bear in mind that it is likely to be rejected by the majority of individuals.

-Engage in a lively conversation with the proper people; a conversation which is bound to include raw truths and multiple viewpoints.

-Do not always seek for unanimity; unanimous decisions may not always be smart decisions.

-Determine your goals and opt for a comprehensible strategy, rather than a bold one.

-Make an account of all the points that were overlooked and should have received more attention.

-Remember that there is no perfect attitude.

-Do not obstruct thought processes in any possible way.

-Do not be ignorant or fail to appreciate possible risks.

-Develop your sense of humour! Greek philosopher Socrates, even when facing his trial at the age of 70 years, was still full of questions, humour and a remarkable self-awareness.

-Remember that mistakes are not to be penalised but encouraged instead.

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