There are many secrets to becoming effective in what you really wants. But there are few ingredients needed for a recipe to stand out and win the ‘golden hood’.

Many times when I have time, usually in the evenings or in the very short “morning” hours, I look for articles or books that can improve me, offer something different, that I don’t know or don’t remember. I’m not just referring to well-known coaches or books of that kind, but classics or academics with specific subject areas that concern me. I read, think, and try to match them to my own characteristics, to my own conditions in a free spirit.

Self-observation, awareness and personal analysis of capabilities are difficult skills and require frequent exercise and comparison with competitors.

You have to use your moments strategically, our lives are a specific time. With this as a diver, you form your own method and technique to get to the point where you didn’t reach your first goal. Then, you start for the next one.

You do not fall into the well-known trap of listening to false prophets who know beforehand, looking into their own glass, your own future. This is the responsibility of you to shape it.

For the “successors” all this is known, but for those who have not been able to start their dream, fundamental.

It takes determination to stay true to your choices. I’m not saying it’s easy, what I am saying is that the right choices bring about the desired results most of the time.

We all have boundaries but you have certainly heard that it is our decision whether to reach and overcome them in order to discover our true potential or continue to “live our fears”. It may sound challenging but it is a basic choice that once you clear your next step, you will experience happiness or moderation.

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