I strongly believe that we live in crucial times. Greece, in particular, is going through one of the most crucial phases in its history. Experiencing an unprecedented crisis at all levels, the economic and social setting has been significantly affected. It is to be expected that this has shifted dramatically the Greek business management towards a more flexible labour market, with wage cuts and constant changes in industrial relations. Amidst all this uncertainty, the prominent question is whether modern management can still be accomplished by means of a sound strategy, in order to pull the Greek enterprises back in the markets

The daily activities of a manager have to do with the proper implementation of the company strategy. They should be aiming at keeping morale high, predicting imminent change and helping the company determine its position in the overall economic setting.

And what about Europe? Will it Work? In my opinion this the big question and the big challenge for the whole of Europe. And what about the issue of flexibility? One can argue that flexibility in the labour market increases competitiveness (in a global level), but certainly, it reduces the purchasing power of households. This causes a prolonged recession that leads to nowhere. Unfortunately, the drastic measures adopted by the E.U do not have the expected results, especially for European Countries of the South. On the contrary, they have a negative impact on the growth rate. On the other hand, the unemployment increases significantly, and more and more companies are forced to make redundancies. I strongly believe that the crisis will affect the entire Europe. The first results in financial markets are already visible.

Within this environment, the role of a modern manager is crucial. The ability to sense and respond immediately to rapid change is what allows managers to protect the employees and the company from the disaster.

This role is really hard it is getting increasingly harder as years go by. What is your opinion

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