When it comes to heroes, one could think of individuals who respond drastically when duty calls. Duty in this case consists in deeds aiming at the common good. Amidst a financial crisis, role models who lead by example and inspire others with their remarkable behaviour are becoming fewer and fewer. Nowadays, heroism is rare and heroes are truly special. A true hero has increased social awareness and acts sensibly, bearing in mind the consequences.

In relevant literature, heroes are endued with courage and strength. They are brave and are not afraid to sacrifice themselves when circumstances are calling for it. They believe in higher law and inspire society with their actions. Heroes are honest, self-contained individuals who avoid gossip, keep their distance but can stand up in a crowd and argue if their heart says so; in fact, they are usually hard to confront in an argument. They make their stance clear and strive for change without using deceitful means. In an organisation, managers should pin their faith on heroes and give them opportunities to develop and become an example for the rest of their colleagues

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