LEADER IS REQUESTED: The candidate should have led a large company with proven successful results. Knowledge and ability to change the culture of the leading people.
• Ability to make quick decisions.
• Ability to assess human resources
• Ability to lead by example
• Ability to create strategy and vision
• Ability to negotiate
• Further attributes of his personality should be self-control, diligence, patriotism and thirst for knowledge
• Sharpening, creativity and innovation are elements that can help achieve the best possible results

He will be responsible for all of Greece. Candidates’ criteria beyond academic degrees in political science or management should be:
– Knowledge of English language
– Multi-year work experience in the public or private sector (both areas will be considered an advantage)

– Experience at lower positions
– Possibility of many trips
– No relationship with existing parties

The position to be proclaimed has a maximum duration of 3 years, where it will then be evaluated by the external auditors and the work will be renewed accordingly.

The position provides monthly income
Bonus according to goals

Important notice: It is not a real advertisement.

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