Beware, a leader cannot be a guru of theory.

My Books

In my books, I offer professional’s and student’s tips, in order to help them evaluate circumstances in the workplace and address them in the best possible way. My main aim is to share my knowledge and experience with my readers. My writing is inspired by passion and the desire for something different. It is drawn away from theories and is very close to practice. I always keep in mind what Peter Drucker said: even the best idea or theory can be damaged on the way to implementation.

That’s why implementation is so important.

Practical Management
Change: A choice to determine success

If you have a Vision
 I will help you to turn it into reality

My Thoughts

Are you reading this? This is for you!

Dreaming, Thinking, Visualize, Execution.
Read, Think and Write your thoughts.


Thought 1

Listen to yourself ! Don’t believe everyone said about you, believe what you have to say about yourself. Life is a logical theater, emotion is out of your way, emotion is for passion.

Thought 2

We get lost in the pressure of our every day lives even weeks. Our mission however helps us remain on the path towards our aim. Our vision and our aim, help us to avoid losing our direction and to fulfill what is of most importance to us. Our aim, our dream our wish.

Thought 3

Heroism is rare and heroes are truly special. Social awareness and sensibility about the consequences of one’s actions are necessary when it comes to characterizing deeds as heroic and individuals as heroes.

Thought 4

Do not merely wait for the right moment since the moment is unlikely to be perfect until your own actions render it such. Action is the breathing of one’s soul. Every breath we take matters.

Thought 5

Do whatever you can to help those around you. Help them by showing them the way of finding solutions, not just by solving the problems for them.

Thought 6

Effective management helps to resolve ambiguous matters, make proper decisions and restore a healthy professional environment in the workplace.

Thought 7

Develop your sense of humor! Greek philosopher Socrates, even when facing his trial at the age of 70 years, was still full of questions, humor and a remarkable self-awareness.

Thought 8

Passion is what determines the final outcome. It is what makes the difference in work and in relations with other people in other words, it is the ‘icing on the cake’.