Looking back at my previous professional experiences, I can only remember colleagues who were merely performing their duties without any concern for values or team spirit. Operations appeared to proceed harmoniously, without particular difficulty. Back in those peaceful times, there were no disputes and the multinational companies in which I was employed possessed “the lion’s share”. I kept thinking that, under different circumstances, these organisations would become victims of their own policies. As you can probably imagine, circumstances changed. Unfortunately, many of my former colleagues may no longer be employed.

This is the aftermath of a mentality which is common in Greece, but must eventually perish. It can be summarised in the phrase “it is none of my business”. This attitude is likely to raise a wall between employees and the ever-shifting circumstances, making them incapable of responding to potential change, which they probably regard as “none of their business”.  Reluctance to take ownership of one’s actions has no place in today’s organisations. An incident that appears to be “none of your business”, yet proves unfavourable to the interests of the organisation, is most likely to function against you as well. In effect, in case you were aware of the situation all along but did not bother to discuss it with your line managers, you might even be considered equally responsible. 

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