Realistic or Not? There are many people who are occupied in very responsible jobs. Their main goal is to help other people. This is what they are paid for. However the problems they encounter in their every day lives may become obstacles to their success. These may be economical problems which are increasing continuously and the problems families are facing more and more every day. These professionals are paid much less than agreed and eventually become less concerned about what they set out to achieve.

Their role in the society is to care about the people around them, no matter what the cost might be. It’s a matter of character and not money. Money shouldn’t be the main reason that you do a specific job.

Your main aim is to feel proud about yourself and what you have achieved. This is your reward.

It is something like a hero in a Children’s film. They behave as heros in a small society. These are the small heroes which we depend on as something concrete and secure. Money is not something stable. It comes and goes.

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