Few days ago I was waiting to a bank. An old man came after me and asked me if the bank was open; I replied “Yes, it seemed to me”.

He answered ” Don’t be so stressful, it’s not good for your health; Trust me, I am a doctor”

I started to think how am I seems to him. Of course I smiled and thanked him for his advice.

I was deep down in my thoughts, the moment before the incident. I was thinking my family, my job in the next week, my hobbies; I tried to envision my self in all these situations. In which point in my map I was; which are the opportunities and how can I challenge them.

There are times in your life that you will be disappointed, You might doubt yourself and the choices you have made. It’s normal. It happens to everyone. There are times when you wonder if you made the right choices and if you could have done differently. There are 2 things you should ask yourself:

1. Am I satisfied with the things I have accomplished?

2.Am I in the right direction to fulfill my future goals?

These questions might seem simple in the difficult situation we are facing – however we have to survive, the answers will make it easier for us to restore or replace

the current situation. Here are some expressions and questions that we here more often

Believe in yourself”

You can become anything you want”

And other positive thoughts BUT all this for what?

What is your purpose or goal?

Fulfillment and satisfaction are the ultimate goals! Just Think about it.

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