Nowadays, professional and personal survival require leaders who are capable of foreseeing future challenges, let alone facing current challenges, instead of merely pointing at them. They also call for established leaders, rather than mere survivors. With the rate of unemployment constantly growing, people are more and more concerned about losing their employment; that is, if they have not been made redundant already. The financial crisis of 2008 has accelerated the pace of change to that much a degree that individuals may find themselves in a very different situation from month to month. Today’s leaders must be able to shape the future by means of a solid vision, as well as make strategic choices and alliances. Managers and employees are expected to be able to motivate and engage other individuals in their schemes, as well as work hard and perform under ever-changing priorities, at the same time staying true to their personal vision. Times call for intelligent, flexible employees who can fight uncertainty by being consistent, optimistic and focused at their goal. Risk taking is essential and it is rewarded accordingly

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