One could argue that heroes can only emerge during war or crisis. The current crisis which employees undergo is a different type of war. People who have been made redundant and struggle with financial difficulties end up losing their ability to socialise and are forced to reconsider their needs and dreams in life. Plans for marriage and family are indefinitely postponed. As with any other form of crisis, the financial instability gives rise to various fears and insecurities. The feeling of security is one of the vital factors affecting individuals’ emotional state. In times of crisis, security is lost and replaced by constant change and variation. People find it hard to resolve such issues and feel like they are losing control. Stress, fear, insecurity, anxiety, nervousness, anger and a sense of general disorder comprise the new setting. Chronic stress is a condition which affects individuals’ immune system, making them more vulnerable to physical or emotional illnesses and gradually pushing them to quit trying (“I am incapable of reacting”). The consequences vary. They can stretch from isolation and questioning one’s efficiency to causing disorder to social and familial relationships

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