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Realistic leadership

A week ago I posted a thought I had about being Realistic or not. Can we honestly be realistic towards someone without thinking about what we will earn economically from them. I received many replies from my readers asking me to be more specific about this issue. The...

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Realistic or Not?

Realistic or Not? There are many people who are occupied in very responsible jobs. Their main goal is to help other people. This is what they are paid for. However the problems they encounter in their every day lives may become obstacles to their success. These may be...

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You are the Power Looking back in time, I think about what I have accomplished through the years. A journey in life which makes me wonder if I hadn’t succeeded all that which was important to me how different my life would be. Over the years i have had conflicts with...

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How many compromises have you made? Have your fears captivated you? Why do your actions reflect a bond to certain circumstances? How many of these rules have nothing to do with you and the things you believe in? Stand up for the things you deserve. Think. Face the...

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It’s your choice

You can choose to do nothing, you can make no decisions, or you can just be yourself. It's your choice, a decision you will make for the rest of your life. You may have to decide whether to take a step for the next generation. Create something which will be maintained...

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Crucial Moment 

It was just another ordinary Saturday evening, after a very tiring week. Suddenly I felt dizzy and weak. After a while I found myself entering the entrance of a hospital. I looked around me and saw people who were seriously injured, police, people who had been...

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Move on 

Back stabs? Worries? It shouldn’t matter! Life is too short! Move on! or People going behind your back? Anxiety? Do not bother with all this! Life comes to an end so just leave it all behind and move on!  Fulfilling your vision is what matters! Became unstoppable!...

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Make Your Brand Stand Out in The Busy Digital Marketplace

No matter the noise in the online world, you can rise above with the right attitude and the right allies.

Your brand is who you are, and without a strong presence, you’ll likely fade into the background.

With over 28 million small businesses in the United States alone, it can be challenging to stand out. If you’re going to succeed as a business owner, you need to work your way through all the digital noise in order to become a brand that people not only trust, but love.

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Your life – Η Ζωή σου

You can live your life by trying to reach your dream. You can live your life in fears or you can choose to do absolutely nothing. / Μπορείς να ζήσεις την ζωή σου προσπαθώντας να φτάσεις το όνειρο σου. Μπορείς να ζήσεις την ζωή σου ζώντας τους φόβους σου και μπορείς...

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