Under unfavourable circumstances, such as tough and unstable times and societies which undergo change due to population movements, as well as under the light of taxation, accessible or inaccessible education, corrupted political leaderships, merging or bankruptcy of firms, and a model of globalisation which is largely considered a failure, change constitutes a non-negotiable parameter. It is prescribed by market and competition conditions, as well as by individuals themselves, who often refuse to consider or accept it. Development and improvement of one’s skills is a prerequisite for achieving change, not only for professional but also for personal reasons, such as individuals’ inner balance and co-existence with their family. Otherwise, what comes out is insecurity and stress, which underline the need to manage or lead this major change noted in the society. In any case, it is only when individuals admit their ignorance over certain things and decides to raise their awareness that devotion to change is finally possible.

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