I am hesitant as to whether I should put passion in the same level as the rest of the abovementioned principles, as it is often perceived very differently due to different perspectives. From my personal point of view and experience, I see passion as one’s enthusiasm and devotion to achieving set goals. Think of how closer you would be to achieving your aspirations if only you put a little bit of passion in your pursuit. Passion is what determines the final outcome. It is what makes the difference in work and in relations with other people; in other words, it is the ‘icing on the cake’. Therefore, I thought I should mention passion among the rest of my principles as an additional parameter, or maybe a ‘sub-principle’, but I eventually decided to include it in a separate section, mainly because I think that this is what everyday life lacks nowadays. Given the fact that nowadays people struggle to survive within an unstable financial environment which puts pressure on their personal lives and professional relations, it is not without a good reason that passion is often on the low end and/or put aside. What I aspire to do through my writing is trigger the passion which lies within each one of us so as to take a more positive look at life.

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