Nothing succeeds if a behavior not becomes a habit. Any habit does not leading to success if not becomes a daily routine.

The purpose of my 5 minutes videos are to watch them on a daily basis.

You succeed, if only, you aim on this. Motivation is the force that pushes you to do positive things for your life. Improve and develop yourself, your life. 

In our life-time, we have to do positive actions, positive activities. Otherwise it is like continually make withdrawals from a bank account without ever deposit. At some point, money will end. Accordingly this happen, in what you do for yourself. If you do not make new things, at some point, what you possess for yourself, it will end or the prerequisites of life will amplify and what you had from your past will be insufficient. You will be overcome by the progress.

The luck, look after you, only if you try hard.

Motivation means to take life in your hands. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel


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