You are the Power

Looking back in time, I think about what I have accomplished through the years. A journey in life which makes me wonder if I hadn’t succeeded all that which was important to me how different my life would be. Over the years i have had conflicts with others opinions of what i wanted. There were many times where i envisioned myself of how i Wanted to be. Spending time alone i focused on myself by spending time reading and thinking about things i wanted to improve. There were times when i heard the beat of the door and refused to open it for many reasons. Sometimes it was my fear which i tried to overcome thinking about my future. The thought of putting aside my fear at the moment would help me achieve my goal and overcome this obstacle.  In addition, observing other people helped me see matters from a different perspective. It influenced me to express my opinion differently without fearing success. It also helped me have a positive attitude by keeping my fear within and allowing me to live the moment.

At this point you must judge yourself before you judge others, then dare to defeat your fear, to disobey how you think and feel and lastly delete the thought of failure.

Don t be afraid to express the real you and roar like a lion.

Be yourself without any fear or weaknesses, without being aware of what is happening around you and as if you don’t know any other way. Look at yourself in the mirror and the reflection isn’t really you. Look even deeper and you will find your true power. Think, are you the person you really want to become. Then open your eyes and come back to reality. Great! Now all you need to do is to make your thoughts happen.  Yes, it will be both exciting and challenging but in the end you will have become the hero of your own life. Do not be afraid to treat yourself and your body. Do things that will help your inner thoughts and which will help you prepare and face your first fear. Think that at the end of the day your last thought will be that you did what you truly wanted. Remember, your goal is to do what you decided. It’s hard? Yes it’s hard! Write your target on a card and hold it in your hand, be able to feel it, remember it, have it in your mind. Do not look for excuses, obstacles. Think that if you don’t do something, the night you lie down on your bed, you will think “I did not do what I wanted”.

So do not delay your freedom any longer and start your little adventure!

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